About Melanie

More than ten years of combined work & study experience in writing, reading & editing—working for you.

I have many years of background studying the theory and practice of reading, writing, and editing, and real-world experience as an educator, writer, editor, and proofreader working with clients including self-publishing authors, academics, and businesses.

I love working with people who know what motivates them and want to write about it, either from a fiction or nonfiction perspective. Doing so has led me to both encompass and focus the work that motivates me.

Growing a culture requires a good storyteller. Changing a culture requires a good editor.

Ryan Lily (author of Write Like No One is Reading)  

Special Interests

A little more about melanie…

I’ve been a reader since early years, catching problems in YA fiction books as a young teen, but it didn’t occur to me to study editing until I was in an undergraduate program—taking many literature, religion, and history courses—and advised in that direction. But even after a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in English, I didn’t establish a career in publishing immediately. I was an occasional freelancer for many years, while also pursuing other endeavors, such as teaching and coaching college students, working in a corporate office in downtown Chicago, selling books, clothes, and gifts at locally owned shops, and caring for pets. 

Along the way, I renewed (from earlier studies in fashion design) and furthered an interest in eco-consumerism, and true to my broad-thinking humanities background, I realized that I wanted to actively work, in some way or another, with the sometimes disparate, sometimes overlapping questions of environmentalism, promotion of biodiversity, sustainable livestyles, holistic health, spirituality & personal development, arts & culture, and humanitarian & animal justice rights.

And it began to click with me that editing is my key to doing just that, while also meeting personal goals, including working from home with my rescue cats, who may make an appearance if we’re on a video call.


In 2016, I resolved to take freelancing to an intentional and defined business. Since then, I’ve shifted from mostly generalist work as an academic editor, arts & culture proofreader, and business blog writer to book publishing. I’ve been fortunate to work with self-publishing authors since 2021, and I’m also a freelance editor and proofreader for publishing houses.
Gradually but steadily, I’ve established my editing niche as visionary writing, which allows the genres I work with to remain intentionally varied and flexible but defined and focused.
My background provides a two-fold advantage: I have the foundational training of an editor, proofreader, and critical reader with a scrutinizing eye for thought development, argument, flow of writing, descriptive language, and grammar.  And I also keep myself informed and current in the research and movements of specialized fields.
I work well 1:1 and am fortunate to have so many interesting and inspiring projects land on my desk. I become especially enthusiastic working with authors early in the book draft phase identify their audience, messaging, and storytelling, which not only anchors their revision phase, but carries through to an easier book marketing process.



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