Are your documents meeting quality standards?

Whether you are working with manuscripts intended for print or web publication, official recordkeeping, or cultural archives they will almost certainly be subject to some form or other of standard quality expectations.

If you are writing a book, journal article, or dissertation, your work will be required to follow specific prescriptive grammar language conventions and formatting customs consistent with style manuals such as The Chicago Manual of Style, the Modern Language Association, and the American Psychological Association.

Businesses with a web presence are attempting to keep up with the demands of content, content, content–and copy with sales funneling. No wonder the pressure for web pages, blogs, newsletters, and e-books sometimes comes at the cost of quality. No one can be expected to do it all, and the demands of the digital age are asking us to be tech-savvy and knowledgable of specialized approaches to web content writing and marketing.

Such demands require specialized delegation and prioritization.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Melanie. With over five years of experience in scholarly editing & citations proofreading, in addition to training in internet content and marketing, I can assist you to determine the requirements (custom or formal) for your documentation and/or web content projects.

In addition to freelancing, I’m a sometimes college-level teacher and academic coach/tutor (composition & literature). With a background in retail & customer service also, my job is to put my years of communications experience & reading analysis training to work for you as an extension of your scholarly projects, business plan, or personal creative endeavors.

Documents, manuscripts, and reading are not just my bread & butter. In my spare time, I can often be found indulging my penchant for 19th-century literature & historical fiction or involved with an archival digital humanities project.

Otherwise, I might be found observing the wildlife from the garden or sipping tea with my three kitties 😉

I’m eager to hear about your projects! The Services page and Contact form are great places to start. Or read more on my blog.