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What’s Your Story?

It may be a fictional world, a memoir, a re-visioned historical setting, a nature narrative, or a researched account of why individuals might implement changes in their lifestyle and how…

Your book has a vision and a purpose and a reason why you're writing it.

It doesn’t sound too complicated. Does it?

But will your potential audience understand your reasons and discover the motivation for why they should read your book? And will your vision resonate with them if they do?

Ready to Publish?

Of course, you can’t entirely control whether a book will resonate with an individual reader. Your book won’t be for everybody no matter what, despite the best efforts of writer, editor, proofreader, and marketer.

But you can implement strategic analysis to ensure that you’ve done what’s in your ability to align it to the readers who would probably want to read it. 

Remember, potential readers become suspicious when they sense something’s is a little “off.”

  • A book blurb claims that it explains a complex topic to readers who know nothing about the subject—but the language is a little too scientific and formal. 
  • A story plot misses a crucial stage of character development, and the ending sort of “flops.”
  • A “historically accurate” novel of the 1870s portrays characters using contemporary slang.
  • An informative book about eco-friendly practices wasn’t thoroughly researched or was overhyped and contains greenwashed advice.

Don’t let misaligned storytelling & messaging prevent your book from reaching it’s otherwise ideal audience.

When your identified audience is discerning consumers looking for informative and inspiring reading that demonstrates quality storytelling and careful introspection, the journey from concept to publish or promote involves sometimes confusing communications that may get lost in translation in the writing to editing to marketing messaging processes. 


These phases of a project often require navigating scientific or academic terminology and theory, industry buzzwords, creative impulses, spiritual philosophies, and tendencies (however inadvertent) to introduce elements of excessive hype, or other tactics that begin to feel inauthentic to the initial vision.

Clear identification of audience along with a defined core sense of the intention and vision of an author are the way through the maze.

Your allies along the way are editors, fact-checkers, proofreaders, and ethical marketers.

Brunette woman with long hair wearing a gemstone necklace.

Position your publication for impact.

Polish your content.

If you’re a publisher, self-publishing author, I’ll work with you to prepare a ready-to-publish manuscript, craft your vision through effective storytelling for an identified audience, and articulate your purpose & messaging early on for a seamless transition from writing to marketing.

Genres of focus and special interest include
(but aren't limited to):

Nonfiction & Fiction

Sustainability & Nature

  • permaculture/”rewilding”/biodiversity
  • animals/wildlife
  • upcycling
  • eco-consumerism/eco-tourism
  • sustainable design/LEED architecture & restoration

Conscious & Intentional Lifestyles

  • health & wellness (herbs, yoga)
  • food (veganism, vegetarianism)
  • spiritual development 
  • conscious business

Arts & Culture

  • art/art history
  • craft/how to

Historical Fiction

Visionary Fiction

Young Adult Fiction

What My Clients Say:

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 As this was my first endeavor into book writing, I was unfamiliar with the process. Melanie walked me through the process every step of the way, providing constant feedback and guidance on next steps. […] During each step she discussed all options and the “why” for each decision. I truly learned a great deal from this process with Melanie and could not be happier with the final products. 

Michael Warner, PhD
Untitled design (3) copy

I highly recommend Melanie. She was professional, fast, and very helpful. I will definitely use her services again.

Heather Hausenblas, PhD
Untitled design (3) copy



[Melanie] has helped me with my academic English as a non-native English speaker. […]She would draw my attention to the big issues like the essay format as well as the focus and the flow of my writing. Of course, her meticulous scholarship would help me re-vision my ‘ignored’ grammatical infelicities and wrong usage. I have been happy with her copy-editing service and would recommend her to those who are keen to have one copy-editor like her.



Fay Yao, PhD
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