TO say that a writer writes about what she resonates with could be a lead-in to a complicated conversation. For now I’ll just say that naturally my writing reflects what I resonate with–and if I were to summarize what I write about and why with one word, that word would be preservation. Conversations of preservation resonate with me, and the reverbarations of this resonance span the subjects of contemporary spirituality, sustainability & eco-consumerism, health & mental health, culture & artifacts, and animals (pets & wildlife). See my portfolio page in the menu above.

A resonance with preservation is also why I’m an avid journaler, and it is my penchant for journaling that is the inspiration for the blog associated with this website (click the menu above to be re-directed):

In this blog I write and research the subjects of preservation, and I also discuss the journal writing process itself–the themes and patterns that I have observed as a writer, and the particular angle of resonance that the pages of journals tend to preserve.

This year (2020) I’m especially looking forward to a new project of preservation associated with journaling: archiving historic journals. Check back throughout the year for details on the progress of a developing new website, which will publish historic journals (beginning with a travel diary from 1931), analysis and highlights of the content of these journals, and “research journal” posts discussing my process of techinal archival digital preservation.

Best wishes always, Melanie