Book Editor, Humanities Academic Editor & Digital Proofreader

Mindful Manuscripts: Then & Now

Book Editing

Ensure your documents are meeting quality standards. Work with an editor who has completed graduate-level critical reading analysis, copyediting, and specific training in proofreading, in addition to 5+ years of experience with the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), American Psychological Association style (APA), and the Modern Language Association (MLA). I’m a former college-level English teacher (TA while attending graduate school) & academic coach.

What does this mean for you, as an author seeking an editor?

Even before launching a freelancing career, I was trained in critical reading analysis, argument development, research, and to work with writers of varying levels on how to articulate their thoughts & ideas. I’m familiar with the marketing & sales aspect of books through several years of working as a sales representative and as the author events coordinator at a local bookstore. (I’m also a casual seller of used books.) I have the eye of an editor, proofreader, marketer, sales person, and customer service representative. It’s my job to put my years of training to work for you and your manuscript.

Niche genres: Nonfiction, especially holistic health, self-help, spirituality, lifestyle, and nature & animals.

Specific Services:

  1. Developmental editing
  2. Copyediting
  3. Proofreading

Academic Editing

Don’t underestimate the final phases of polishing your academic work. Editing and proofreading, in addition to a thorough citations check, take time and know-how.

Specific Services:

  1. Academic copyediting: Considers word choice, paragraphing, grammar & some organizational aspects of the document.
  2. Academic proofreading: Checks spelling, grammar, and formatting. Limited fact-checking elements may be flagged for author attention.
  3. Citations Proofreading:

Services for Archival Projects

I offer proofreading for OCR transcription, HTML, XML, and TEI markup and other services for scholars or informal archival projects by individuals (such as private collectors wanting to digitalize historic family letters).

  1. Paleography (deciphering and transcribing handwritten texts, e.g. letters, journals, and other various documents).
  2. Transcription proofreading & OCR check proofreading (checked against the original document).
  3. TEI, XML, and HTML proofreading.
  4. Website editing & proofreading.

Questions? Contact me to get started.