Self-Publishing Book Production Management

Inside Out

This is the most comprehensive draft-to-publish option I offer. It’s the option for authors who want to give their book “the works” during the editing phases—meaning careful attention during each of the traditionally defined editing passes: developmental editing, line/copyediting, and proofreading as distinct and separate levels of editing. 

I work with other editors and proofreaders to ensure that your manuscript receives the advantage of well-rounded expertise.

And I handle all logistics and scheduling so you can prioritize your attention in other directions.

Package includes:

  • thoroughly edited manuscript
  • proofreading
  • formatting
  • cover art
  • book blurb
Take back control of your schedule and give yourself the gift of time, knowing that you’ve hired a professional to arrange the details.

Rates vary based on manuscript complexity and word count.

Publish on a

This is the most budget-friendly draft-to-publish option I offer. To make it as affordable as I’m able while still focusing on quality, I do away with the distinctions between “developmental editing,” “line editing,” and “copyediting.” I read your manuscript twice and edit your document based on the issues that I feel most need attention.  I might recommend some re-writing and re-organization based on content, I might extensively work on grammar with attention to sentence structure and phrasing, and I might suggest adding or eliminating sections for greater focus. Probably, I’ll incorporate some combination of each. Then, I’ll send it to a fresh pair of eyes for proofreading before returning it to you. 

Package includes:

  • 2-pass editing
  • proofreading
  • formatting (ebook only)
  • option for cover art
  • book blurb

Rates vary based on manuscript complexity and word count.

Opting out of a book production management package?

I have one more option for you if you’d still like some support during the publishing process:


The Publishing Month-by-Month Accountability Subscription.



This is an email support service that you can join or cancel by the month.


Each week, you send me an email on Monday detailing how your self-publishing process is going —what questions or confusions you have and what may be stalling your process.


Topics may include issues such as how and when to schedule editors or a proofreader, writing frustrations, planning,  and understanding how to approach revision comments or critique from editors & beta readers.