Thoughts for the Month: Citations

Thoughts for the Month: Citations Research citations are unavoidable for research writers. Although they are among the most important elements of research writing and presentations, they are often also among the most neglected. These oversights are often the result of prioritizing the writing (articles and books) along with the visual and stylistic elements (presentations) over READ MORE

Thoughts for the Month: July, 2022

Thoughts for the Month: July 2022 Is Your Web Content Trendy or Evergreen? This month’s post is for writers of blogs and newsletters and other social media copy. If you’ve researched web copy & content, you’ve likely encountered the term evergreen content, which is vital to a website’s search engine optimization (SEO).  What does it mean? READ MORE

Search and Surrender, The Help and Hindrance of Journaling through Stress

Sometimes–even for me, an avid journaler who is essentially an advocate for journaling — the journaling practice gets a little too unwieldy. A little too much wallowing, obsessive thought patterning, and unresolvable (without additional information) analysis and guesswork. I ask myself now and then, “Is journaling really a help to my stress levels and stress READ MORE

Steampunk Journaling: Diary Writing in the Digital Age, Or, What I Learn from Reading Old Journals

As we try to understand the past, we try to understand ourselves in relation to the past. Steven Marcus, The Other Victorians (quoted in Steffen Hantke’s “Difference Engines and Other Infernal Devices: History According to Steampunk.”) You know that sense of not quite being able to move on from the past? For those of us who frequently READ MORE