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Book Production Management

You started your self-publishing book for a reason.  For the most part, you’re inspired and motivated and probably have your vision.

Unless there’s a sneaky obstacle holding you back? There’s a reason why many indie authors find themselves facing a brick wall—pushing, striving, but feeling stuck in the mud.

They’re trying to do it all themselves.


Self-publishing offers freedom, but it’s a daunting amount of work. When a publisher accepts a book, the author hands it to a managing editor, and then it goes through a series of edits by an in-house editor and/or freelancing team. The author doesn’t have to think about it again until they receive revision requests. Then, they send it back to the managing editor who sends it along to the next editors and proofreaders.

Photo of a section of a feather that also appears as book pages.

I’m not suggesting it’s “easy” to publish through a publisher (why are so many people self-publishing?), but the process looks a little different when you’re on your own.


🔍 Challenge #1: The author is trying to write the book, arrange the logistics, and oversee the editing, formatting, and proofreading processes.

🔄 Challenge #2: Various editors and proofreaders might be giving conflicting advice.

⚡ Challenge #3: How to go about it? It takes so much time to assemble a project that feels cohesive.


That’s not to say it’s impossible. Many authors successfully self-publish. But maybe they don’t necessarily have to manage the process alone.

It’s not always about working harder. Sometimes, it’s about realizing what options are available. That tiny shift in perspective can ease the struggle.



Several clients I’ve worked with as a copyeditor have asked if they can continue to work with me as a proofreader. I’m conflicted when I turn them down—we’re working well together. They don’t want the trouble of finding someone else to work with. All of this is logical, and often it would be an advantage for me to continue working with them as well. 


So, I created an offer to help you bridge the gap.

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Limited Availability Beta Offer

The first three customers to sign up for a book production management offer will receive a 20% discount.