You’ve spent serious time and effort on your research and argument. Don’t let typos and formatting inconsistencies mar your document!

There are numerous versions of websites and software that will format your citations for you (even databases for scholarly articles often have an option for this), but they still need to be checked. These programs are often not up to date with the current version of the style guide and/or frequently return inconsistent results. That’s more work–not less! Help is available through a variety of sources. You can visit the websites of these organizations for detailed example papers and tutorials. But many writers still want an additional pair of eyes ensuring that they have included all required information, formatted correctly, and spelled author names, titles, and publishing information correctly!

My citations services are a combination of proofreading and fact-checking. I will ensure correct formatting, correct author name, title, and publication date information (as available via internet research), and check that all references on your references/works cited page are actually cited in-text & vice versa. Contact me to discuss your project requirements.