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Writing, Editing & Proofreading for the Web

I’ve been writing for the web since 2016. In combination with my training in digital humanities (see below), where I learned XML & HTML (with or without WordPress), I have a well-rounded preparation for and understanding of writing for the web.

I really like working with diverse genres, and I’ve had clients in business, education, and other fields; however, as with my work in book editing and proofreading, I have a few specialty areas. I concentrate on nonfiction content and specialize in areas of sustainable living, contemporary spirituality, holistic health, and cultural preservation.


After a series of retail jobs a few years ago, I became interested in sustainability issues regarding gemstones. My research was the beginning of a defined niche as an eco-consumerism writer, which I’m now linking with my previously defined niche of pets & wildlife conservation. I really delve into these topics, not only from the perspectives of sustainable product choices but from the cultural influences that shape consumer demand in the first place. From “Blood Diamonds” to gemstone healing & contemporary spirituality, and issues of post-colonialism, from veganism to palm oil and the methods used to harvest coconuts, from child labor to animal rescue efforts—domestic and in war zones—these are the issues that inspire me to apply my humanities education along with my training as a technical writer and my web writing marketing knowledge—and remind me of my sense of purpose in doing so. 

For sample content, please see my sustainable living blog, Project Re-Sourced.


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