Resonance (Blog)

Welcome to Contemplative Resonance, a blog organized by categories:

“Paths to/from Preservation” contains reflection on various approaches to and interpretations of and inspirations for preservation including environmental preservation and cultural preservation (traditions, documents, art & artifacts).

“The Alternative Medicine Cabinet” discusses various approaches to alternative medicine.

“Spirit Today” is thoughts on contemporary spirituality.

“Ethical Consuming” relates to green marketing and eco-consumerism (the sub-category Points of Healing, Points of Mine specifically focuses on the popularity of crystals and crystal healing, and is also tagged in other categories).

“Animal Companionship” considers in-depth connections to domestic pets & wildlife.

Use the drop down menu to navigate among categories. Please join me in discussion!

I’m also a freelance B2B, B2C, and nonprofit writer for hire @ Scribe & Scrivener.