Archival Proofreading & Transcription for the Humanities

You may have gone through all the channels of OCR, transcription, and tagging and think that your HTML files are ready for the web, but with so many details involved in this process, it often helps to recheck.

Preferably, ask a professional proofreader trained in the digital archive process to check.

I love working with primary texts & original manuscripts. After receiving a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in English, I began studies in digital humanities both to develop my own projects and to customize my editing and proofreading in those directions to work with archives, libraries, museums, scholars, and individuals preserving historically significant papers, while improving reader accessibility.

Are your documents still in boxes in attics, basements, or overcrowded facilities?

What are they doing there with no other way to view them?


  • Paleography (deciphering and transcribing handwritten texts, e.g. letters, journals, and other various documents).
  • Transcription proofreading & OCR check proofreading (checked against the original document).
  • TEI, XML, and HTML proofreading.
  • Website editing & proofreading.