Book Editing

The following services can be contracted individually or as a package. For more information see the Author Packages page. 


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Developmental Editing

This service examines the structure (organization and presentation of ideas) and content (the actual argument, research, or narrative thought presented to the reader). 



Developmental editing assures that your purpose for writing is clearly communicated to readers .


Copyediting concentrates on the wording, grammar, and flow of writing at a sentence-by-sentence level.



Copyediting ensures clear wording and correct grammar.


Proofreading is the final phase before publication and checks for consistency of usage and any typos, spelling, or grammatical issues missed by the copyeditor. Proofreading also double-checks formatting but will only change the wording if a sentence is unclear or grammatically incorrect.


Proofreading ensures that surface-level mechanical details have been thoroughly checked.