Editing & Proofreading Services

Developmental Editing

This service examines the structure (organization and presentation of ideas) and content (the actual argument, research, or narrative thought presented to the reader). 



Developmental editing assures that your purpose for writing is clearly communicated to readers .


Copyediting concentrates on the wording, grammar, and flow of writing at a sentence-by-sentence level.



Copyediting ensures clear wording and correct grammar.


Proofreading is the final phase before publication and checks for consistency of usage and any typos, spelling, or grammatical issues missed by the copyeditor. Proofreading also double-checks formatting but will only change the wording if a sentence is unclear or grammatically incorrect.


Proofreading ensures that surface-level mechanical details have been thoroughly checked.

Don’t know which service you need?

Blogging Packages

Advocacy, call to action, and informative blog posts.

The Advocacy Package

A package of four call-to-action blogs of 1000-1500 words for those advocating a particular stance (e.g. environmental, humanitarian, political, or lifestyle advocacy).

The Responsibility Package

A package of four blogs of 500-1000 words designed for businesses who want to communicate their ethical standards to their customers and clients.  For example, 

you may want to explain why and how the products or items you sell are sustainable and why you choose not to sell particular items. These blogs could be used to launch new products, introduce a new team member, address frequently asked questions, or communicate a company philosophy or vision.


The Guidance Package

A package of four blogs of 500-1000 words designed for self-/spiritual development professionals, coaches, or healthcare providers who need informative posts to make recommendations to their clients, e.g., a blog post on which herbs are helpful for stress. These posts could be used to provide tips, address frequently asked questions, or as part of a sales funnel.




Editing & Revision Packages

These packages are for those who already have book or journal articles written or website content.

The Author

This package is for self-publishing authors who want a project manager to oversee the editing phase, including developmental editing, copyediting and proofreading.





The Scholar

This package is for academics writing their dissertations who want to commit to working with an editor throughout the process.










The Visionary

This evaluation & revisions package is for entrepreneurs or organizations who are serious about ensuring that they are articulating their eco- and socially conscious goals and values to reach the customers, clients, and donors who will want to work with and support them. 


"Page by Page" Services

Blogging Inside Out
A single blog post of 500–2000 words.

I write informative call-to-action blogs & public awareness posts for eco- and socially conscious business and organizations to help them reach the customers, donors, and clients/customers who will want to work with and support them.

Add a "Sustainability" Page
For businesses organizations and entrepreneurs who want to demonstrate their sustainable practices.

Add a "Our/My Philosophy" Page
For service providers who want to communicate their perspective (works well for healthcare providers, personal/spiritual development professionals, instructors, authors, and other services based on a specific perspective, "I follow the ______ method, or "My approach is based on _______ and blank _________ and my own point of view that______).

Add an "Information" Page
For organizations or businesses with a public awareness stance on something.

Mission/Vision Statements
For purposeful and visionary businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to focus and refine their goals.

Sensitivity or Greenwashing Evaluation
For ensuring that content and copy is sufficiently inoffensive and free of false or misleading claims.