Academic Editing & Proofreading

Academic Editing & Proofreading

Don’t underestimate the final phases of polishing your academic work.

Editing and proofreading, in addition to a thorough citations check, take time and know-how.

I’ve been an academic editor since 2016. I have worked on numerous dissertations ranging from humanities topics to business topics to the sciences. I offer a a variety of editing and proofreading services for students completing their dissertations — and specialized proofreading for the digital humanities including XML, HTML & WordPress + TEI tagging (see below).

Academic developmental editing: Considers the argument & some aspects of structural organization of the document.

Academic line editing: a detailed (line-by-line consideration of voice & tone and clarity, effective transitions and overall readability.

Academic copyediting: Considers word choice, paragraphing, grammar & some organizational aspects of the document.

Academic proofreading: Checks spelling, grammar, basic citations check, and formatting. Limited fact-checking elements may be flagged for author attention.

Citations Check: Checks only citations. In-text and Reference/Works Cited pages will be compared for consistency and missing entries. Formatting and included information will also be checked. MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian.


Proofreading for the Digital Humanities

Is your digital project ready for web publication? 

No matter how many hours you have spent checking your html, OCR, links, and formatting, there are likely to be errors that a fresh pair of eyes can help you catch.

Let a professional web proofreader assist you to prepare your project for web audiences. 

That’s where I come in 🙂

I love working with primary texts & original manuscripts. After receiving a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in English, I began studies in digital humanities in 2017 both to develop my own projects and to customize my editing and proofreading for work with archives, libraries, museums, scholars, and individuals preserving historically significant papers while improving reader accessibility. 


Digital Humanities Services:

  • Paleography (deciphering and transcribing handwritten texts, e.g. letters, journals, and other various documents).
  • Transcription proofreading & OCR check proofreading (checked against the original document).
  • TEI, XML, and HTML proofreading.
  • Website editing & proofreading.